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New drug-driving laws what does it mean?

We’ve all seen and heard these TV and radio adverts warning us about the new drug-driving laws – they’re a little scary! So what do these new drug-driving laws mean? Well we’ve been doing some research and hope to clarify them for you.   What drugs affect the drug -driving...

New rules for the tax disc: Everything you need to know

If you didn’t know (And you probably don’t – that’s why you’re here!) the Tax disk was abolished as of October 1 2014 but what does that mean for us drivers? In our post we’ll be looking at the new rules for tax disc and everything you need to know. What do I do with my tax disk?...

The 8 Car Buying Questions Everyone Should Ask

How many of you have bought a car whether brand new or pre-owned only to find it doesn’t do what you thought it did?  For those who especially buy pre-owned there are a whole load of things that you need to know before buying and it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of a new...

10 Car Servicing & MOT hacks

Having a car is an expensive business especially when it comes to getting it serviced and having its MOT to see if it’s road worthy.  But of course, we like to save you money so in today’s blog we’re going to give you some servicing and MOT hacks to bring down your car bills. A...

Top 5 Car Safety Tips for responsible drivers

In today’s post we’re going to give you our car safety tips. In the heat of the summer, it’s so tempting to just jump in the car, wind  the windows down, and   music blasting whilst you cruise (within the speed limit) down the road singing at the top of your voice. Whilst ...

Cheap MOT Tips

In today’s post we’ll look at some clever but cheap MOT tips that you can do yourself before your car goes in for its MOT. MOTs can be a dreaded occasion for many drivers purely because you don’t know whether it’s going to pass and more importantly how much it’s going to cost!...

5 Clever Car Tips for Road Trips

This blog post rounds up the top 5 car tips for road trips. Are you going away this summer? With all of this good weather, a road trip has never seemed like a better idea. Whether it’s with the family, the lads or even the girls, we’ve put together 10 smart car tips for road...

4 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Whether you drive a limo, racing car or a little old runner – looking at your car is vital if you want it to last you a long time! In today’s blog post, we look at basic but essential car maintenance tips. Car Maintenance Tip 1: Keep Tyres in Extra Good Healthy Bad tyre pressure...